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     Danny passed away on March 7, 2013, after fighting Stage IV, high risk Neuroblastoma for almost 5 years.

     Danny's Fund promotes awareness through sharing Danny's story to raise much needed funds for pediatric cancer research.

     Danny is a hero along with so many other dear ones who have also lost their battle to cancer.

     With your help, children like Danny will keep smiling.

Danny's Fund was created in honor of Danny Nardi.

Ongoing projects and activities go to support children like Danny in their fight against cancer. Check back often!

Our mission is to support the development of less toxic and more effective treatments for pediatric cancers, the #1 disease killer in the U.S., through raising awareness and funds.

Danny Fund is a program of the I Back Jack Foundation, Inc., A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization - donations to which are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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Danny's Story

Danny was a happy 6 year-old kid who enjoyed playing with his younger brother and with his friends. He loved outside activities such as riding his bike and playing soccer, and going to his gymnastics class. We thought he was the healthiest boy ever. He was very athletic, and loved eating healthy and sophisticated food.

He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage IV, a pediatric cancer. Danny lived six beautiful years of childhood, and almost five years fighting for his life, passing away just six days before his 11th birthday. But cancer did not define who he was. He always lived his life to the fullest.

For five years, Danny endured non-stop treatments and very long stays at hospitals, the attack of AML leukemia caused by the previous treatments, and survived a second bone marrow transplant aided by his brother’s stem cells.

Danny was part of many clinical trials and had to travel all over the country to big childhood research hospitals where these experimental treatments were offered. Most of the time, the treatments were extremely difficult, painful, and toxic, with many long-term side-effects. No child should have to suffer that much, but childhood cancer does not leave many choices.  It is a very nasty disease

Cancer treatments are very toxic, and that is why we need more research, to find better treatments for our kids, and to eventually find a cure. But there is not enough funding for childhood cancer research, which is unbelievable, because these are our kids, our future. That is why we have to stand up for them, and be their voices and their advocates!

Danny's Fund continues Danny's fight by supporting cutting edge research for treatment for other children with cancer. We don't ever want other parents to experience for themselves the pain of such a loss. We want all children with cancer to have more options and to be able to have their cancer cured.

     Today Danny's Fund made a contribution of $20,000 to the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC) at the Helen Devos Children's Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan! Thank you for your help in the battle against pediatric cancer!

Danny's Fund was created in honor of Danny Nardi.

Our Pediatric Cancer Awareness Friends, with the help of the wonderful community of Champaign Urbana, through events like Car X Crazy K, Chef Danny For The Cure Concert, lemonade stands, Coaches vs Cancer were able to contribute to Danny's Fund.